Icon Design | Boeing Ads

Icons illustrated by Funnel Incorporated for an ad campaign created by DraftFCB for client Boeing featured in airports across the country. Created by Information Designer Lin Wilson of Funnel Incorporated, an information design firm that makes the complex clear through the creation of infographics, icons, instructions, data visualization and maps. We work directly with corporate clients and/or creative directors and illustration art buyers at advertising, PR and interactive agencies. For more information, visit us at http://www.funnelinc.com/ or call 608.828.0280.

Boeing Ads
Agency: Draft FCB | Client: Boeing
We love creating icons but we rarely use them like an army of ants to build a bigger icon. In this campaign for Boeing's internet service for airlines, we worked with Draft FCB to develop large images of air travel art made up of small icons of cursors, email envelopes and headphones.
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