Infographic | Laser Hair Removal for Dr. TATTOFF

Dr. TATTOFF needed an infographic that explained the laser hair removal process to its patients. Funnel Incorporated created a process map that was friendly and easy for patients to understand. The infographic was used for advertising and within clinic offices for doctors to use during visits to answer questions about the procedure. Infographic created by Information Designer Lin Wilson of Funnel Incorporated, an information design firm that makes the complex clear through the creation of infographics, icons, instructions, data visualization and maps. We work directly with corporate clients and/or creative directors and illustration art buyers at advertising, PR and interactive agencies. For more information, visit us at or call 608.828.0280.

Laser Hair Removal Infographic
Client: Dr. TATTOFF
James Morel, founder of Dr. TATTOFF, offers cosmetic services once only available to privileged clients. The retail chain of laser hair and tattoo removal clinics in California and Florida takes a decidedly non-medical approach to everything from its waiting room aesthetic — complete with satellite TV and free internet access — to its company’s marketing materials. But while the laser technology employed by its expert medical staff is complex, Morel wanted simple, educational diagrams for patients that were friendly and easy to understand. He contacted Funnel Incorporated to create a series of infographics and the results to date have exceeded expectations.
“We started with an infographic explaining the laser tattoo removal process that avoided medical-looking illustrations or intimidating terms. It was used for marketing and in patient rooms so physicians could review procedures and address concerns,” says Lin Wilson, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Funnel Incorporated. “The infographic worked so well James hired us again to create a similar infographic illustrating laser hair removal.”
The style of the hair removal infographic complements the tattoo removal version so the two can work together on the Dr. TATTOFF web site, at trade shows and for marketing materials such as direct mail postcards, posters and sales one-sheets.
“Funnel transformed dry medical details into infographics that were more engaging and less intimidating which goes a long way in helping us build trust and alleviate fears in patients already nervous about transforming themselves or leaving a part of their past behind,” says Morel.
“Our patients are much more informed about the procedures now and we’ve had a noticeable drop in questions,” continues Morel. “Taking a visual approach to patient education and sales enables us to accomplish our goal of offering cosmetic procedures that are more accessible, painless and convenient.”

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