Funnel Incorporated was an information design firm in Madison, Wisconsin. For current projects, contact the Lin Wilson who is an information illustrator that makes the complex clear through information graphics and instructions. He works directly with brands, publishers, manufacturers, museums and marketing agencies. 

 Lin Wilson with the MIA art museum


Featured in Taschen's Information Graphics book alongside Richard Saul Wurman and Nigel Holmes.

"Sometimes simplicity is far harder to achieve than complexity. That is where design comes in. This book, a design nerd's fantasy, comes at the perfect time. "

Data Flow by Gestalten publishing (Berlin)
"The abundant examples in Data Flow showcase the various methodologies behind information design with solutions concerning complexity, simplification, readability and the (over) production of information."

Information Design Workbook by Kim Baer and Jill Vaccara (USA)
"...readers will get an intimate understanding of the complexities of crafting information design to effectively improve communication both functionally and aesthetically."

Logo A Lot by RAM Publications (Japan)
"Nearly two inches thick, this indispensable resource guide contains well recognized logos (collected between 1980 and the present) designed by 172 of the world’s best-known graphic designers."
"The work on our web development project was the difference that secured project funding from corporate management... Lin's diagram allowed non-technical executives to understand the idea, and give their wholehearted endorsement." - Shawn / Vice President of Brand Management / Mattel 
"Your approach to research, your problem solving skills resulted in accuracy and detail that was very much lacking in our past map." – Barbara / Director of Operations / Milwaukee Art Museum 

"Lin made a very complex intranet site easy to understand and navigate. His diagrams clearly communicated the site's breadth, depth and organization so even our least intranet-savvy employees could log on and find what they need fast. Plus, the friendly style of the design really attracted people and inspired them to take a closer look." – Beth / Corporate Communications / SC Johnson & Son, Inc.

"It looks amazing and it accomplishes just what we hoped it would. I am very excited to bring this work to our readers."– Jennifer / Art Director / Harvard Magazine

"These are really hitting it! A real home run." – Marketing Manager / Badger Meter

"You guys totally rocked this job. Everybody loves these things!" - Jen / Art Buyer / TBWA Chiat Day for Nissan 

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