Infographic | Laser Tattoo Removal for Dr. TATTOFF

Funnel Incorporated created an infographic for Dr. TATTOFF that explains the laser tattoo removal process in a friendly and easy-to-understand way. The decidedly non-medical looking visualization is used as marketing collateral, including a letter-sized one sheet, poster-sized patient room lightboard image, web site, and trade show signage. Infographic created by Information Designer Lin Wilson of Funnel Incorporated, an information design firm that makes the complex clear through the creation of infographics, icons, instructions, data visualization and maps. We work directly with corporate clients and/or creative directors and illustration art buyers at advertising, PR and interactive agencies. For more information, visit us at or call 608.828.0280.

Laser Tattoo Removal Infographic
Client: Dr. TATTOFF

 This operation’s main investor is Chris Knight, aka "PeterBrady" from the TV series The Brady Bunch.
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