INFORMATION DESIGN THAT MAKES MARKETING CLEAR: We have been bringing our infographic design ideas to the field of marketing collateral for many years. Our main focus is on distilling complicated features and value proprositions to ensure a busy customer can grasp content quickly.
Marketing collateral for a Snap-On Tools software product aimed at the automobile repair industry. Agency: Ogilvy PR
Concept involved a typical customer visit to a garage and showed how the product works with internal and customer facing issues.
The design and look and feel of the infographics followed a brand manual developed for Snap-On.
The process of creating infographic-based marketing collateral.
1. After a review of our project outline that confirms the information, we create rough sketches that show the overall idea(s). 
2. After review with the client, we create a refined version with requested changes and an attempt to show color and composition ideas.
3. The final design.
Marketing collateral for manufacturing. Client: Webcrafters, Inc.
Overview of products and services for a back-up power client. Agency: Planet Propaganda
Customer facing marketing collateral for a construction company showing the building process.
Marketing infographic showing the function of a monitoring service by GE Healthcare. Agency: Shine
Infographic campaign for a hospital group and their collection of offerings. Agency: SPM
Infographic-powered banking web site.
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