Live drawing for speaking events, meetings, brainstorms and other times when you need a visual record. These drawings can be the basis of a marketing graphic or used as is for social media.

I can provide live graphic recording during a presentation in front of or embedded in the audience. I can attend a meeting at your company and record and/or help facilitate the proceedings with live sketching of ideas and provide a visual record of what was discussed, decided upon or thought about. I provide a second deliverable beyond the sketch, a digital version of the visuals, so that the concepts live on in sharing of emails, PowerPoints, one sheets, social media posts and other ways to keep the conversation alive. An actionable asset that lives beyond the meeting. Great for capturing strategy meetings, reorganizations, new product development and visualizing research findings.
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Client: Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce |  Event: Icebreaker  |  Service: Graphic Recording and Digital Sketchnote
Client: WMEP |  Event: Annual Conference  |  Service: Graphic Recording and Digital Sketchnote
Ideation session with bike company engineering staff. When we designed the instruction manual, the live drawing deepened understanding and provided the draft with rough sketches.  Service: Ideation Session, Instruction Design, Illustration
Process mapping & product innovation sessions for a large multinational company
Client: Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce |  Event: 64th Dinner  |  Service: Graphic Recording and Digital Sketchnote
TEDx Madison: StudyBlue Sketchnote 
Client: Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce |  Event: Nexxpo: JB Pritzker |  Service: Graphic Recording
Live sketchnotes retweeted by the speakers at #ContentJam in Chicago. 
Sketchnotes from the TEDx Madison event featuring Pulitzer prize winning author David Maraniss.
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