Live drawing for speaking events, meetings, brainstorms and other times when you need a visual record. These drawings can be the basis of a marketing graphic or used as is for social media.

It goes by many names, but we can provide graphic recording, sketch notes or graphic facilitation. We can draw a speaker's words during a presentation from an easel or embedded in the audience. We can attend a meeting at your company and record the proceedings with live sketching of ideas and provide a visual record of what was discussed, decided upon or thought about. We can also provide a second deliverable beyond the sketch: An actionable graphic, social media asset or PowerPoint deck that lives beyond the speech. Great for capturing strategy meetings, reorganizations, new product development, visualizing research findings, etc. 
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TEDx Madison: StudyBlue talk by CEO Becky Splitt
neXXpo 2014, talk by JB Pritzker of Chicago.
Live sketches retweeted by the speakers at #ContentJam in Chicago. 
Sketchnotes from the TEDx Madison event featuring Pulitzer prize winning author David Maraniss.
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